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Computer animated presentation of the Danish Ørsted Satellite

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In June 1995 a short computer animated presentation (approx 5 minutes) of the Danish Ørsted satellite was produced as a part of a course in advanced computer animation at the Technical University of Denmark by the two students Mikkel B. Stegmann and Anders Blauenfeldt.

The animation was made in collaboration with Computer Resources International, CRI (now Terma) and the movie was short after shown by CRI as a part of a presentation of the satellite in Oslo, Norway. Since that the animation has been used various places in Denmark and abroad in exhibitions and as a part of the general news coverage of the satellite.

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Contact information:
Mikkel B. Stegmann [] and
Anders Blauenfeldt []

Terms and conditions
The animation can be downloaded at no charge. Pleasy notify Mikkel B. Stegmann and Anders Blauenfeldt if you wish to use the animation for professional use - television, exhibitions etc.

Thanks to Hans Palbøl for your important help throughout the whole project.